Sunday, December 28, 2008

The most idiot, the better?????

I Don’t know, if somebody in the metal scene have already notice, better, have stop a little to think about one litlle thing very evident but aways neglected by everybody. You must be have watched such holywoodian movies to teens, with some guys who like rock and only get in troubles, lets give some examples: “Airheads” ( 1994 ), “ Wayne’s world” ( 1992 ), “Detroit Rock City” ( 1999 ), etc, etc, etc…I’ve saw a lot of headbangers worshiping to movies like that – in my opinion, not too much funny. They idolize to the pejorative jokes about the heavy metal fans. Though, a lot of metalheads showing how he- man they are, doing little jokes bout another movements. When you laugh from a bevy of idiot American striplings doing a lot of confusions to arrive a Kiss concert in Detroit, Paul Stanley and Gene Simons – they practically make all in this movie – are acclaiming themselves. It’s admirable to see a lot of little rockers in the last decade idolizing movies like “wayne’s world” only because there are some rock sounds, but upon the character of the protagonists…? And the satirical jokes about them… the headbangers... I think by myself, we don’t need to worship discriminatory movies. I think that a critical look for this won’t be bad for anybody… I believe the metal scene must give more worth to itself, and avoid midia litlle conceits like: …” headbangers, they haven’t anything in head…” The movie “Airhead” is a example, three guys of a rock band, they all crazy to heard their musics on radio, invade a radio station and try to get by force, this is ok until know, but the personality of the characters is bullshit, the drummer (Adam Sandler) is almost a retarded…I don’t know if I brake the protocol, but I would like to debate it…

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